Saturday, January 29, 2011

Home at Last!!

This morning marked the big day.  Last night, I had everything laid out that my children could possibly need for this morning to eliminate any last-minute stressers.  Their outfits were neatly laid out, the baby's diaper bag was packed, the coats were ready, the table was set, all my accompaniments were in my music folder, etc......and then my son spiked a fever of 103 during the middle of the night.  I don't know what it is about being a parent but anytime anything important comes up that you "just can't miss", that's when someone becomes ill.  I have almost come to expect it at holidays.  While most people are filled with thoughts of what dish to bring or whose home they will be traveling to, I am trying to imagine which child will be sick and with what.  After phoning my mom with the news, my parents graciously offered to come to my home this morning to watch the children instead of having me transport them over there. 
I had forgotten just how noisy these competition days were.  It was very chaotic - people scrambling to find the correct room, music flying out of someone else's hands, someone frantically running to track down the missing ensemble member for their instrumental group because they were due to perform within the next few makes me thankful, once again, to be done with highschool.  All in all, the day went well and I was able to make it back to my sick little boy by 3:30 p.m.  He is still not feeling well, but at least he has his Mommy home at last!

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  1. hope your son feels is hard when something important is planned and one of your children gets sick.good to hear everything came out time to rest and scrap.